Let's democratize science!

Lab4U provides a platform that enables hands-on lab experiences through web and mobile devices, delivering low-cost solutions for Science Education.
Lab4U is an early stage startup developing web and mobile technologies in which smartphones and tablets can be used as science instruments. Lab4U is designing and developing a hands-on science lab that uses built-in mobile sensors to experiment, and a crowd-learning web platform to prepare, analyze and share lab results. Lab4U aims to improve science education by delivering low-cost solutions where thousands of students and scientists will be able to have a lab in their pocket.

  • Create lab experiences for your students
  • Transform your phone in a science instrument
  • Perform experiments and share your results

The Problem


The lack of equipment and the constant demotivation students show during practical Lab workshops makes it hard to understand where the future of science education is heading. In order to solve this problem, Lab4U is developing a web/mobile platform for low-cost experimental science education, integrating smartphones, tablets, free hardware and Augmented Reality, thus, creating an interactive and entertaining Lab experience.

The Solution


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